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What is an I W Marks Wishlist?

Do you see something that you’d like to let someone else know that you like it?  OR did you find something that you love, but you aren’t quite ready to buy it?  Your I W Marks wish list saves all your favorite items on our website so you can look back at them quickly and easily and share them if you’d like. 

Save Products

Save jewelry from the website so you can always look back at your favorites.

Share Favorites

‘Share your wish list by email or social media as a ‘hint’ to others.

Compare Your Finds

See your saved pictures, details and prices in one organized list to better compare.

Wish List

How Does the Wishlist Works?

When you see an item that interests you, save it in your wish list  for later. Simply click on the heart icon where you see the wish list button of the product picture, and the jewelry will appear on your list. It will stay there for you to look at until you remove it from the list or archive your list. You’ll be able to review each product from the list so you can review the item you love and decide which to buy or share. 

Wish List

1. Catalog Page

A Catalog Page contains dozens of images including jewelry, watches, and accessories. When you find what you like, add it to your wish list as a possibility. If later you decide that it is not for you, you can easily remove it from the list to focus on your other favorites. Feel free to add as many items as you want. To add an item to your wish list, press the heart  image in the With List button on the image detail page.

2. Product Detail Page

A product page contains all the details for a specific jewelry item. Read a description of the jewelry and see multiple picture views. If it is a product you don’t want to forget, be sure to add it to your wish list. You may not be ready to buy it just yet, but it’ll wait for you there. Click the light gray “wishlist” button to add the item to your wish list. Check back often to admire it.

Wish List
Wish List

3. Custom Wish List

You are free to create as many Wish Lists as you’d like and can customize them as you add items to it.  Once your wish list is done, share it with someone, email it to yourself, or send it to us at I W Marks and we will provide more detail and an exact estimate for you.