The Best Diamond Ring: 5 Tips To Finding It From I W Marks

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How do you choose the perfect diamond ring?

With so many options for cut, color, setting, clarity, and carats, the process can feel daunting, especially when facing the pressure of purchasing the exactly perfect one. Here are our tips for helping you select the right diamond ring.

Tip #1: Set Your Budget First

This may seem obvious, but it’s imperative that you set your budget before looking for your perfect diamond ring and before you step foot in a jewelry store. You may have heard that you should spend two to three months’ salary on a diamond ring; however, we recommend going with a budget that’s comfortable for you and that can give you enough purchasing power to cross off any specific desires of your fiancée-to-be. Building a life together is a big step and staying on budget for the diamond ring can reduce stress and set you off into the next phase of life on the right foot.

Tip #2: Determine Your Partner’s Style

Is their style more extravagant or more classic? Do they own more silver or gold in their jewelry collection? Do they have more vintage pieces or a modern collection? Having a clear picture of your soon-to-be fiancée’s style can help you select the perfect diamond ring for your engagement.

Fortunately, you don’t have to face this task alone. You can also rely on your partner’s friends or family to get a sense of the type of ring they may want. A best friend or mother probably knows a thing or two about what they may want and can help you in the decision process.

Tip #3: Understand Diamond Basics

Before you purchase a diamond, you should have a grasp on the four C’s: cut, color, carat, and clarity.

  • Cut: The main decider of a diamond’s beauty is its cut. Opt for an ideal or excellent cut to ensure your diamond is as brilliant and sparkly as possible.
  • Color: The D-I range of nearly colorless is where we recommend you stay when selecting the diamond’s color. D-F diamonds tend to be worth more, but the G-I range appears nearly colorless while being much more cost-effective.
  • Clarity: A VS1 or VS2 Clarity diamond typically offers the most value for what can be seen by the naked eye. Inclusions and blemishes are not noticeable in these ratings.
  • Carat: Because of beauty and sparkle matter most, we recommend focusing on purchasing a beautifully cut diamond rather than a certain carat weight. Once you find it, choose a carat weight that fits within your budget.

Tip #4: Select Diamond Shape

Whether you’re designing or purchasing a ring, start with the shape of the diamond. There are shapes out there for every personal style, from oval to marquise, round to heart-shaped, and even more in between. If the diamond size is important, emerald or marquise-cut rings often appear bigger than other cuts with the same carat weight. Once the shape is selected, then you can move on to the setting style.

Tip #5: Select Setting Style

The type of setting you to choose should really depend on your partner’s style and lifestyle. If they’re more active or use their hands a lot for work, consider a bezel or flush setting so the diamond doesn’t protrude as far from their finger. More simple future brides may prefer a solitaire setting, while other more vintage-inspired brides may like the ornate settings best.