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    Marika(EHPQQ) 14KY 0.06tw Diamond Bezel Set Center Flower Earrings.4785.

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    Marika(EHTQQ) 14KY 0.04tw Diamons Bezel Set Center Half Flower.7989.

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    Marika(ETTQQ) 14KY 0.06tw Double Diamond Center Oval with Bezel Set Diamond Bottom Earrings.7771.

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    Marika(HBEQQ) 14kt Yellow Gold, 0.15cttw TLV Bracelet 39X7mm Gold Diamond Bar Necklace with Chain 16″

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    Marika(NQSQQ) 14KY 0.02tw Diamond Bezel Set Petal Floral Earrings.8283.

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    Marika(SQQQQ) 14KY 0.06tw Floral DiamondPendant Necklace.5638.

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    Marika(TSNQQ) 14KY 0.04tw Diamond Bezel Set Charm on Open Circle Earrings.8285.