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    KMD (ENQQQQ) 18KR 2.05tw Light Geode w/Brown Dia. Halo Necklace, Chain 17″. NG706R.

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    KMD (NZQQQQ) 18KW 0.18tw Striped Chalcedony 46mm Disc Earrings. EZ540W.

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    KMD (TNZSQQ) 18KR Opal Free Form Stone Ring. RO169R.

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    KMD (TZZSQQ) 18KW 3.75tw Opal OV Ring Bezel Set w/Black Rhodium, Size 6.5. RO199W.

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    KMD-M(BZSQQ) 18KW Blk Rhodium Blue Baby Geode Stud Earrings. EG1319W.

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    KMD-M(BZZSQQ) 18KY 3.23tw Emerald Multi Shape Cross Pendant Necklace 17″. NZ694Y.

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    KMD-M(NGNSQQ) 18KW 0.58tdw 7.70tw Tumbled Saph. & Brown Pave Dia Halo Stud Earrings. EZ643W.

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    KMD-M(NNSQQQ) 18KW 0.48tw Emerald Bezel & Blue Geode Pendant. NG1087W.

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    KMD-M(NZZSQQ) 18KW 0.64tw Micro Outline Eternity Band w/Pave Dia Size 7. RZ455W.

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    KMD-M(SENSQQ) 18KY 1.14tdw 3.37tw Boulder Opal & Dia Necklace 16″. NO149Y.

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    KMD-M(TBHQQQ) 18KY 0.40tw Neutral Geode Dia Bezel Pendant 16″. NG1080G.

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    KMD-M(TBNSQQ) 18KY 0.42tdw 5.30ct Fire Opal & Dia Necklace 17″. NO076Y.