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    FANA(HNSQQ) 14KW BR Solitaire Ring. S3933/WG.

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    FANA(HQQQQ) 14KW 0.02tw BR w/Peek-A-Boo Dia. Solitaire Ring. S4013/WG.

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    FANA(HSQQQ) 14KW 0.06tw OV Solitaire Ring. S4195/WG.

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    FANA(NENSQQ) 14KW 1.13tw BR w/Peek-A-Boo Dia. Half Way Ring. S4018/WG.

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    FANA(NENSQQ) 14KW 1.48tw BR w/Dia. Halo Semi Ring. S4160/WG.

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    FANA(NQZSQQ) 14KW 1.43tw OV w/Dia. & Bag. 3 Row Ring. S3310/WG.

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    FANA(PNSQQ) 14KW 0.38tw EC w/2 Side Bag. Half Way Ring. S4114/WG.

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    FANA(PSQQQ) 14KW 0.43tw BR w/Peek-A-Boo Split Shank Half Way Dia. Ring. S4187/WG.

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    FANA(PZSQQ) 14KW 0.42tw OV w/2 BR and 1 MQ Side Stone Ring. S4169/WG.

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    FANA(TBQQQQ) 14KW 0.52tw EC w/2 Stone Each Side Dia. Ring. S4176/WG.

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    FANA(TEQQQQ) 14KW 0.53tw EC w/Side Stones & Half Way Dia. Ring. S4111/WG.

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    FANA(TESQQQ) 14KW 0.69tw BR w/2 Bag. Side Stones Half Way Cathedral Ring. S3278/WG.