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IW Marks

I W Marks is your source for jewelry repair and jewelry appraisals in Houston, Texas.  

Accidents happen, and beloved vintage jewelry pieces break. Whether creating a new mounting for a damaged heirloom piece or resizing rings, your jewelry is in good hands at I W Marks Jewelers. We pride ourselves on not just selling some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry but also in the world-class jewelry repairs and jewelry appraisals in Houston, TX, with the I W Marks in-house shop we have at our disposal.

Our master jewelers and repair technicians are motivated to provide you with the best jewelry repair Houston services. Our gemologist fixes your jewelry here at our local family-owned location. We save you time and money by not outsourcing our repairs. We guarantee our work and want you to be a long-time customer of I W Marks. Whether you need to refresh a vintage piece of jewelry, restring a set of pearls, a diamond replaced or upgraded, a vintage watch repaired, or want a ring resizing, Houston services trust I W Marks with our strong family value to deliver the best jewelry service.

Need an appraisal done on a new or vintage piece of jewelry?  At I W Marks, our master craftsmen can provide jewelry appraisal on-site. Some reasons you might need jewelry appraisal done are for insurance, estate distribution, charitable donation, casualty/loss, quality confirmation, and or sales advice.  The I W Marks jewelry appraisal service team can also provide you with an appraisal of your purchase if requested.


I W Marks Jewelry Appraisal Team

Our qualified GIA Graduate Gemologists are committed to providing convenience, excellent customer service, and expert gemological advice to each and every valued client. Established in 1978, experience matters.  We excel in providing customers with guaranteed quality and accuracy.  I W Marks has an onsite shop, and the jewelry never leaves the store. You are reassured your items are safe and in capable, dedicated hands.


Do You Need A Jewelry Appraisal To Get Insurance?

Yes, to have your jewelry insured, you will need an appraisal.  The appraisal will be based on a record of the weight, material, markings, quality, and rarity of a gem and the manufacturing. This is the information appraiser uses this information to determine the current value of your jewelry. 
For more questions, a great resource we found for wedding jewelry appraisals is the Knot:  If you still have questions, please call or email us at:

How to Repair a Broken Chain?

Family Owned And Operated For Over 50 Years. I W Marks is your Houston destination to Houston’s finest on-site fine custom jewelry designers and repair facilities. Let our artisans and master craftsmen analyze the type of chain and how much repair work is needed to repair your broken necklace. We will provide you with an estimate ahead of time so you can see how much it will cost to repair your family heirloom rope chain necklace. Whether you need a simple jewelry chain repair or clasp replacement, we can help you. Our turnaround time is swift, and we will always explain ahead of time the cost and what is involved in making your jewelry chain repairs.

Does your Pearl Necklace need repair?

It would be best if you were very careful with the materials used with pearls. Let our experts evaluate your pearl necklace and then provide you with options to provide your necklace with longevity. We are also experts at pearl restringing.

How Do I get a ring resized?

For value, service, and trust, you just can’t beat I W Marks. Most of our artisans have been with our family for years. Our repair facility is on-site at our jewelry store located at 3841 Bellaire Boulevard in Houston, Texas. We are experts and resizing all types of jewelry and rings. Our fine jewelry repair services include ring sizing, Ring re-tipping or replacement, Ring head/setting replacement, Ring setting/stone tightening, diamond ring repair, and cleaning and polishing of your rings.

Resizing a ring smaller is extremely important and challenging. Being able to resize a ring and not be able to tell where the ring was resized takes a special skill and talent. Our ring resizing Houston jewelers have decades of experience on the bench taking rings larger and smaller. Our artisans will ensure your stones and diamonds are still centered on the ring.

Some of you might have painful arthritis. We understand that. But, you want to wear your beautiful rings. Let our ring resizing Houston staff evaluate to see if an expandable shank is a good option for your ring.

Some silver rings are very tricky and very difficult to resize. Most jewelry repairs shops do not have the tools to attempt a proper ring repair or ring resizing in silver. Let our jewelry chain repair staff provide you with a free estimate before you do any repairs to your ring to see what resizing method is best.

Are you looking for the top Jewelry Repair Shop in Houston?

Cherished family heirlooms are very important to all of us. You might have a special piece that has been damaged or is just in need of a polish. Or you want to create your own custom piece of jewelry from a family heirloom. I W Marks jewelry repair Houston master jewelers are passionate about taking the time to listen to your wants and needs and will walk you through the process, step by step.

Are you looking to Upgrade your Diamond Ring?

Maybe you want to upgrade a diamond or combine diamonds from several rings into a new ring or piece of custom jewelry. At our local store in Houston, I W Marks Jewelers can set diamonds and size all rings. We use only the best tools, such as nose pliers, and our jewelry repair staff are experts at using the proper amount of soldering to deliver the most stunning custom diamond ring you have seen.

Jewelry Appraisal Services

Custom Designed and Handmade In House

With custom design, experience does matter. With our in-house master artisans, we can design and create just about anything. Bring in a picture, and describe what you’d like; If you can dream it, we can make it. Also, once created and purchased, make sure you request your jewelry appraisal to ensure you have the documentation needed showing it’s worth now and forever.

Create something new or give an old piece new life. We can also take engagement ring diamonds and turn them into stunning pendant necklaces or help a prospective groom design the ring of a lifetime. There’s no limit to what we can create together!