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Graduation is an important milestone and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in a person’s life; the graduation gift should reflect the significance of the event. Whether they are graduating from high school or graduate school, it’s important to consider their age, chosen profession, and personal style when selecting a graduation gift. Local jewelers like I W Marks Jewelers can help you celebrate their achievements by offering the perfect gift for them!

The High School Graduate

High school graduation is a special achievement, representing the bridge between childhood to adulthood. For some, it might be their final graduation, while for others the beginning of their college career. The graduation gift you choose for this graduate should be a versatile piece that will be treasured throughout their entire life. For a girl, a pair of diamond stud earrings or diamond necklace can be worn during any occasion. For boys, a cable ring or a gentlemen’s knife by William Henry can be a great gift.

The College or Advanced Degree Graduate

For those graduating with their undergraduate degree and entering the workforce or with an advanced degree, give them a graduation gift that will help accentuate their style in the workplace. For women, a classic Mikimoto pearl strand and matching earrings, or a pair of statement earrings will compliment professional workwear. For men, a classic watch such as a Rolex or cuff links can add some flair to a suit.

Not all college graduates will be entering into an office environment. For those preparing to work in the medical, military, or non-office type environments, jewelry pieces need to be beautiful but still functional. For women, small diamond earrings or a delicate necklace will bring some sparkle into her day to day job without being obtrusive. For men, a durable watch can be great for utility and also add some style.

About I W Marks Jewelers

I W Marks is one of Houston’s oldest family-owned and operated jewelry stores selling fine jewelry, watches, and accessories. The boutique is regarded as one of the leading bridal jewelers in Houston and has over 100 showcases displaying dazzling jewelry items and watches by some of the most prestigious names in craftsmanship. All graduation gift items listed above are available at I W Marks Jewelers.