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The time for fall fashion is here! As you unbox your sweaters and fall clothing, it’s important to consider what jewelry pieces to pair with this season’s style. From earth tones to staple jewelry pieces, here are some of our picks for this year’s fall fashion style.


KMD Fall

Natural, Earth-Inspired

This time of year brings us down to earth and reminds us of what is important in life. Kimberly McDonald jewelry uses various natural and sustainable materials to create stunning designs that reflect the beauty of our world. Many of Kimberly McDonald’s jewelry also incorporate small diamonds to add to the pieces’ natural sparkle.


fall fashion alor

Versatile Warm Hues

Versatility is key to dressing up your fall fashion style. Alor offers a wide variety of cable jewelry styles in warm autumn hues to pair with almost any outfit. Known for its signature cable design, Alor also incorporates diamonds, stainless steel, and gold into their pieces. From beautiful burgundy and gold hues, the combinations are endless with Alor!


Savoia Fall

Gold Statement Pieces

Gold statement earrings and necklaces donned the runways at fall fashion week this year, a style that can be easily worn into the upcoming holiday season. Get this fall fashion look with gold statement pieces by Savoia. Made with a combination of gold and diamond accents, jewelry by Savoia is sure to turn heads.


I W Marks Diamond Studs

Timeless Diamonds

No matter what season, diamonds are a timeless addition to your jewelry collection. From sparkling diamond studs to statement necklaces, I W Marks carries a wide selection of high-quality diamond jewelry. Want to create something unique? Work with our in-house master craftsman to create the perfect diamond jewelry design.


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