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Diane and Irv Marks started I W Marks Jewelers in 1978 in a small 500-square-foot store. Over the years, the couple grew the business, while connecting to the community and providing Houstonians with a jewelry selection for every taste, budget and occasion.
Today that tradition is carried on by Joanna and Brad Marks . They are very proud of that legacy as the leader in custom jewelry design, expertly handcrafted diamond engagement rings that celebrate love in all its forms.

Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

Joanna and Brad Marks lives are built on service to the community and dedication to family. Married since 2013, the duo balances a full family life with their four children, Kennedy, Garrison, Bradley, Jr., and Hannah, while continuing the legacy of the exemplary customer service at I W Marks Jewelers.

They bring their same love and passion for finding you the perfect cut and clarity of diamond and style and setting that best fits your hand and your personality.

What Is an Engagement Ring Setting?

Settings are in the most simplistic terms how the stones or diamonds are set, mounted or connected into a metal band. There are all sorts of different types of settings. IW Marks will help you settle on the best setting that fits your lifestyle. You may be classic or more of a wild child. We have settings that allow both your gemstone and your personality to sparkle. Some of the typical styles oare solitaire, halo or three stones.

What Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Just like its name, solitaire setting means a single stone. The features of a solitary ring is that it celebrates the single amazing stone. They can be simple or loud and bold. Some of the more popular stones used in a diamond solitaire engagement ring are round brilliant diamonds. But we can custom design any gemstone to fit your personality.

What Is a Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo settings typically feature a justify gemstone surrounded by smaller gemstones. Our artisans are experts at designing a perfect halo ring for you that will maximize the visual impact of your halo gemstone. You can get very creative with several different colors of stones and diamonds.

What Is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Things are better in 3’s! How about a trio of diamonds? We can custom design you a perfect engagement ring at our local Houston TX jewelry store that features a justify diamond with two complementary stones on either side.

IW Marks Engagement Ring Settings

Lets face it, your hands are everywhere. Your jewelry needs to be designed to not only be beautiful but to keep up with your active lifestyle. Each custom ring at IW Marks is set with customized mountings that specifically fit each stone. Our master craftsmen are here to help you at our local Houston TX jewelry store. We do not send them out to some place with a name you can not pronounce. We design and craft all of our wedding rings here in Houston. Here are a few of the typical settings we use at IW Marks.

Are Prong Settings Popular?

By far the most popular setting is a prong setting. What is nice about the prong setting is that the thin metal arms do not distract from your justify diamond. Keep in mind that if you live a very active lifestyle this setting may not be the best for you. With a prong setting the stone is pushed up to celebrate its color and clarity and might catch on surfaces. Typically the band is clean smooth metal with a prong setting.

Bead Settings for an Engagement Ring

Bead settings are where our artisans combine a prong setting with more stones around the band. Bead settings reflect more light and sparkle and tend to be more on the flashy side.

What is a Pavé Setting

Pavé comes from the French word for “pavement”. In simplest translations a pavé setting engugment ring encompases a single diamond stone like the prong setting but then paved with all sorts of small diamonds. If you are looking for an engagement ring in Houston with a ton of sparkle and glam then this type of setting is for you.

Channel Setting for a Ring

Like its namesake the channel setting is a single stone with two walls on the metal band. In that channel there is space to fill it with diamonds and gemstones. This type of setting is very durable. The walls actually help protect the stones in the channel from damage.

Tension Setting Wedding Rings

Tension settings are very creative. With a tension setting the stone is held in place by tension from opposing directions. It is almost like the stone is floating in space and it appears that it will float or fall out but is extremely secure and safe. The bands can be channel or pavé. Our custom wedding ring designers can design your wedding ring with your lifestyle and sense of fashion in mind.

How Popular are Bezel Settings?

These are the most popular settings for wedding bands. This setting is fantastic for the very active lifestyle because there is a metal edge protecting the edge of the stone. Typically there is a flat surface so this setting does not stand up or catch on any surface. You can get creative with stacking several rings together. Get creative with mixing stones and colors of your choice of platinum, gold or pink gold.

Why are they called Cathedral Settings?

A cathedral setting celebrates your central gemstone with height and elegance. Like with typical architecture there are sweeping arches and curves. This type of setting is for an active lifestyle that wants to celebrate that justify stone but needs some protection of the stone on the edges. Cathedral engagement ring settings are very traditional in style.

What is the Best Setting for a Very Active Lifestyle?

A burnished setting might be the answer for you. Stones are flush with the surface of a metal band and will not catch or snag on any surface. You can do something simple or as exotic as you want. Schedule an appointment with one of our custom engagement ring designers at our Bellaire Boulevard location.

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If you can dream it, IW Marks can create it! Custom Designed and Handmade in-house with custom design, experience really does matter. With our custom jewelry Houston tx in-house master craftsmen, we can design and create just about anything. Bring in a picture, describe what you’d like…If you can dream it, we can create it.

If you have a piece of jewelry from your family, our designer’s book at a time with our artisan team to review your vision. IW Marks custom jewelry design Houston designers will walk you through the steps to sketch out a design, then select new stones, produce a 1 of a kind custom piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.