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Custom Jewelry Design Store in Houston

There’s nothing we love more than seeing an idea come to life with custom jewelry design Hoston. Our custom jewelry designs are a beautiful way to create something new or give an old piece new life. We create custom design pieces for notables like the Houston Texans wives, the Pearland Little League, and other local institutions. We also take engagement ring diamonds and turn them into stunning pendant necklaces or help a prospective groom design the ring of a lifetime. There’s no limit to what we can create together!

Custom Jewelry Design Houston

Custom Earrings, Custom Necklaces, and Engagement Rings

If you can dream it, IW Marks can create it! Custom Designed and Handmade in-house with custom design, experience really does matter. With our custom jewelry Houston tx in-house master craftsmen, we can design and create just about anything. Bring in a picture, describe what you’d like…If you can dream it, we can create it.

If you have a piece of jewelry from your family, our designer’s book at a time with our artisan team to review your vision. IW Marks custom jewelry design Houston designers will walk you through the steps to sketch out a design, then select new stones, produce a 1 of a kind custom piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

How to buy quality custom jewelry designs in Houston without overpaying?

First of all, you can drop what you have heard about spending a certain amount of your annual salary on a custom piece of jewelry. You need to be comfortable. Set a budget right away and let the designers at IW Marks wow you. Create something new or give an old piece of jewelry a new life. We can also take engagement ring diamonds and turn them into stunning pendant necklaces or help a prospective groom design the ring of a lifetime. There’s no limit to what we can create together!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Piece of Custom Jewelry Houston TX

Establish a Budget
IW Marks can meet just about any custom design budget. We ask that you communicate with us right away so we know your expectations and can make suggestions based on your budget.

How to Determine Your Fiance’s Style for a Custom Piece of Jewelry
Do you know your fiance’s style? You can look at the type of clothing they wear. Are they more classic or more modern? Do they have a sense of style that is a bit edgier? What colors are they attracted to? Is there some sort of special stone that means something special to them? These will really help you set up a design that fits their style. If they lead a very active lifestyle then a big piece of jewelry may not make sense. Or maybe you are designing a statement piece that will be worn for those more high-profile events.

How to Tell Your Ring Size?
If you do not know her ring size and you want to surprise her, here are a few tips. You can borrow a ring and bring it to us for sizing. You might ask one of her friends or family. Some rings have sizes on the inside. One last resort is that you can trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper. If you know her dress size that can get us in the ballpark for ring sizes. The most common ring size for a typical US female is 6 to 6.5. You can also talk with IW Marks about our resizing services.

Converting an Old Piece of Jewelry to New
Maybe you are looking for something totally different and unique. IW Marks are experts at taking an older piece of jewelry and creating something new and spectacular. Maybe she appreciates more vintage pieces or is looking for a special metal and stone combination. Let our team of custom jewelry Houston tx experts help pick loose gemstones to create a stunning new piece of jewelry that only you can imagine.

Choosing a Diamond
The classic 4 C’s are color, cut, clarity and carat weight for diamonds. Our diamond experts will help you choose the perfect cut to make that diamond shine and sparkle from across the room.

Custom Cut Gemstones
The historical most popular gemstone cut is round. But maybe you are looking for something more unique. Some more modern looks might be clean-lined rectangular or square cut. Some examples are emerald or princess cuts.

Choosing the Perfect Metal for Your Custom Jewelry Piece
There are all sorts of choices for metals. Gold and Platinum are some of the most popular. Some people may have a skin reaction to certain metals. Gold can be softer and not ideal for someone who is extremely active. Gold also can be divided into different shades such as white to dark yellow to rose gold. Then there are levels of purity on the gold such as 14K or 18K gold. IW Marks master jewelers will help you step by step to decide what is the best metal option for your design and budget.

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Leaders in Custom Jewelry Design Houston. Our artisans are looking forward to help you meet your dreams and bring your vision to life