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Did you know you can create a custom jewelry design to make a bracelet, ring, necklace, or pendant extra special? A custom-designed piece of jewelry can add an element of sentimentality, and it can even include a family heirloom. From fashion jewelry, bridal, and more, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced craftsman to help you with your design. I W Marks Jewelers has been in Houston for over 25 years and has master craftsmen on-site in their workshop.

When you choose to design your own jewelry and have someone create it for you, it is important the jeweler is with you every step of the way. I W Marks Jewelers is involved with your custom jewelry design from the initial idea to the final product.


Step 1: The Idea

First, schedule an appointment to discuss the idea for your custom jewelry design. Bring in a picture or describe what you are looking to create and your budget with an I W Marks jewelry salesperson. You may also bring in an existing piece to be altered into something new.


Step 2: Bringing it to Life

Once you have finalized the design, an experienced in-house master craftsman will create your custom jewelry design. The timeline of completion can vary depending on the nature of your design and materials chosen. I W Marks takes great care in attention to detail when creating a custom piece of jewelry.


Step 3: The Completed Custom Jewelry Design

When you come in to pick up your custom jewelry design, your salesperson will discuss care and cleaning, provide an appraisal, jewelry insurance information, and documentation on stones. Keeping your custom piece of jewelry in good condition is important, and I W Marks offers jewelry cleaning and repairs to help keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come.


About I W Marks Jewelers

Since 1978, I W Marks Jewelers has provided the Houston community with the highest quality jewelry and the utmost in customer service. I W Marks Jewelers offers fashion jewelry, engagement and wedding rings, fine watches, and accessories. Schedule an appointment for custom jewelry design to create a timeless piece of jewelry.