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At I W Marks Jewelers we want to highlight some of or parties, community involvement, and various tips on the jewelry and the jewelry industry.  We invite you to browse the various news articles, check out some of the archives.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide! The holidays are right around the corner and I W Marks Jewelers has the perfect gift this holiday season. From diamond earrings and necklaces, modern gold jewelry, and classic timepieces, I W Marks in Houston, Texas has something for every style, budget, and occasion. Read more in our holiday gift guide to view great gift ideas.     Diamond Earrings & Necklaces Not sure what to give her this Christmas? You can never go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings or diamond necklace. These classic pieces she can...

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Fall Jewelry Trends 2021

Fall Jewelry trends are here! To stay up to date with the latest jewelry trends it is important to shop at an experienced jewelry store. In Houston, Texas, I W Marks Jewelers has the autumn season jewelry trends combined with quality that compliment any style from day to night. From statement pieces to stacking jewelry, view some fall jewelry looks to enhance your style. Novelty Shapes Unique jewelry shapes can add texture and interest to your fall look. Pieces by Kimberly McDonald are made with a variety of natural and sustainable materials,...

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Summer of Diamonds at I W Marks

Shine bright this summer with diamonds from I W Marks! From diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets, diamond engagement rings, and diamond detailed watches learn about our picks for adding some serious sparkle to your summer looks!   Suzanne Kalan The self-proclaimed queen of baguettes, diamond jewelry by Suzanne Kalan is a unique way to add some sparkle to your look. Kalan developed the ‘Vitrine’ concept, custom cutting gemstones flat on top and bottom in order to reveal a classic diamond panel behind the gemstone. Her pieces are glam and...

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Father’s Day Gifts in Houston, Texas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Houston, Texas. Celebrate a special dad in your life with a Father’s Day gift he’ll cherish for years to come! When selecting a gift for Dad, it’s important to consider his style and interests to find a gift he will enjoy using daily. Shop a local jewelry store such as I W Marks to find the perfect gift for Dad! Zenith Watches If you are looking for a luxury watch for Dad look no further than handcrafted timepieces by Zenith. Zenith exists to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and make them come true –...

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Luxury Watches in Houston

What is a luxury watch? A luxury watch is a timepiece manufactured with extraordinary design and high-quality materials. I W Marks Jewelers in Bellaire, Texas is a great place to find a luxury watch. They carry a wide variety of luxury watches to meet every style and budget. Learn about some great luxury watch picks below. Michele Luxury women’s watches by Michele are a great way to add some shine to her wrist. Showcasing hand-set diamond cases, Swiss movements, and mother-of-pearl dials, the Michele design philosophy blend timeless elegance...

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Spring Fashion Jewelry

The time for spring fashion jewelry is here! Spring has sprung and it’s time to spruce up your spring wardrobe with some fashion jewelry from I W Marks Jewelers. From beautiful pearls to dazzling diamonds, learn about a few looks that will be sure to turn heads.   Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry Combining timeless elegance with sophisticated, modern-day design, pearls by Mikimoto are perfect to add to your spring fashion jewelry collection. To wear Mikimoto is to reflect the purity of the ocean, the mystery of creation, and to know you are...

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How to Find the Perfect Diamond

A quality diamond is a girl’s best friend! When selecting the perfect diamond, it is important to understand what to look for. There are some things to consider when looking for that top quality diamond for your diamond ring, diamond pendant, or diamond bracelet. In addition to the 4 C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat), choosing a reputable jeweler is also important.   Color The first step in selecting your diamonds is considering the color. Contrary to the name, your jeweler will evaluate the lack of color in your diamond to determine...

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The Perfect Marriage Proposal in Houston, Texas

As we start fresh in the new year, there is no better time to plan the perfect marriage proposal to the person you love most. From tranquil outdoor gardens to romantic dinners, choose from these beautiful locations in Houston, Texas to make that moment memorable. Once engaged, find the perfect engagement ring at I W Marks Jewelers.   Outdoor Setting – McGovern Centennial Gardens The McGovern Centennial Gardens make a beautiful backdrop for a dream proposal. With over 15 acres of beautiful landscape design, you can walk among the...

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Holiday Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

Make a statement this holiday season! Find the perfect pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or accessory at I W Marks Jewelers in Houston, Texas.  From fashion-forward statement pieces, diamonds, to glamorous accessories, learn about a few looks that will be sure to turn heads. Get Glamorous in Gold Gold jewelry accentuates the colors of the season and adds a beautiful pop of color against a neutral outfit. Sleek, sophisticated, and fashion-forward, gold jewelry by Mattia Cielo are great choices for that perfect holiday party look. Using 18k...

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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement ring styles are an important aspect to consider when deciding on the perfect ring for your significant other. From the cut of the diamond to the material of the band, knowing how to connect these details to the style you are looking for is essential to picking a ring they will treasure for a lifetime. Classic Iconic and classic, solitaire style engagement rings have been the symbol of love for many years. No matter what is trending in fashion, this engagement ring style will stand the test of time. With this classic style, you can...

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